Wednesday, July 14, 2004


The Holy Church of The Order of The Painted Breast

Gavin Sheridan* of the unceremoniously titled (pleasingly so, indeed) Gavin's Blog links to this splendid story.

It's very amusing, and contains this wonderful flicker of good old-fashioned Beeb school-marmery:

"This would all be funny if it wasn't for the millions of dollars being stolen and probably put into drugs or other criminal activities."

Oh tosh - it is funny.

*Gavin, who has kindly linked to DC, is a respected (I'm sure) member of the Irish blogging community (which is still small enough to be a community, I think, as opposed to the massified market-society of the American blogosphere). Adopting as I do the traditional/stereotypical stance of the Irish intellectual (frustration at the alleged parochialism and small-mindedness of Irish society) and the universalist orientation of the socialist tradition (I amn't Jewish, but I wouldn't mind being called a rootless cosmopolitan) I have thus far tended to project myself on an affairs-of-the-world scale, even though DC hasn't been entirely devoid of specificly Irish content.

Nonetheless my intellectual orientation of humanist universalism hasn't yet stripped me of all national-chauvinistic tendencies, not even just outside Landsdowne Road. So fair play to all the Irish bloggers who have given DC a mention or a link.

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