Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I'm not bitter, but...

Another underappreciated joke of mine, I felt, came amid the whole Passion of the Christ furore when I remarked that Mel Gibson's uber-Catholic sect - which split from Rome after the second, liberalising Vatican Council - could be described as people for whom the question "is the Pope a Catholic?" was not a rhetorical one.

Now, for this I was expecting not belly-laughs, so much as standing ovations in recognition of my brilliance. It's just the sort of aphoristic line that is all the more rewarding for making one think for just a moment, the sort of line you see quoted all the time from the likes of Oscar Wilde, Voltaire, Woody Allen etc.

Now that's pretty stellar company, I think you'll agree, and while the response to the joke wasn't bad it wasn't quite as overwhelming as I was hoping and, frankly, demanding.

(Fans of Father Ted may be reminded by these last two posts of his speech on winning the "Golden Cleric" award: "And now, we move on to liars...")

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