Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Criminal Justice

I've mentioned my not being keen on Andrew Sullivan's blog a couple of times before. One of its worst features is perhaps his indulgence in, and of, the childish, sometimes racist (if one can use such an epithet in relation to a country) and above all boring France-bashing (as opposed to Chirac-bashing, which I'm all for). Yet I can only agree with him that this is stunning:
"France's prison population is more than 50 percent Muslim."

It's corroborated here. Now, I'm something of a Francophile; I read my Le Monde, and my Swiss Roll: so how on earth did I not know this? Off the top of my head, France's Muslim population is about 8 million, 10%. Isn't this the sort of extraordinary fact that one would expect to be known by anyone who takes an interest?

A reader (discovered through Technorati, of course, although big hitters probably don't indulge into this sort of thing)!

Thanks a lot, and I'm adding you to our blogroll on Un swissrollFrancois
Merci beaucoup Francois!
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