Friday, July 09, 2004


Dialectical Tolerence

These are early days (I hope - and so do you if you're honest) at DC and my "blogroll" remains a work-in-progress, even if I'm not sure how much progress remains.

Lenin's Tomb is a blog I keep returning to despite myself. His support for the armed resistence/"resistence" in Iraq puts hims dangerously near being beyond my pale (he'll like that), although to be fair he does make distinctions as to which violence exactly he supports, even if these distinctions do approach casuistry. (This is quite aside from his dubious choice of model - socialism needs to recover from Lenin, not repeat him).

In any case it's always healthy to keep in mind some well-argued opposing views, and "Lenin" usually provides that service.

When I saw Lenin had placed DC atop his "New Blog Roll" (only to await its slow descent of course - but that's the circle of life I suppose) I suppose I knew I was probably going to have to blogroll him. When I saw the splendid pun (the best so far, I believe) on this blog's name - "should be Confucian Dialectics" - I knew I couldn't, ahem, resist.

But then Lenin goes and makes a comments-section attempt to shame me into reciprocal blogrolling. It's like 1917 all over again - Lenin just wouldn't wait, would he? As Kautsky, would have said, don't push it Lenin, the blogroll is inevitable...

For punishment, and to salve my pro-liberation soul, I'm adding you similtaneously with, and beside, Harry's Place.

"Resistance", surely?

Anyway, ta for the link. Don't care if it is next to Harry's Place. I like to keep my enemies close.

Just out of curiosity, although I gather you don't support the insurgents in Iraq, you say your support for the war was very ambiguous. How so?
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