Saturday, July 31, 2004


A man needs a maid - but then he also needs a blow job

An excerpt from my comment in response to a response to Will's latest:

"It's just like Cindy, my regular child prostitute on my visits to Bangkok (that's not her real name of course, but she let's me call her that). Exploited? At $100 dollars a blow job? I think not. You can buy a lot of candy for a $100 in Thailand, let me tell you!"

You really should head over there for an explanation.

(Blow jobs, herpes, what's this blog turning into? Christ knows what sort of Google searches will be bringing attention to DC now. But hey, readers are readers!)


It seems to me as though my comment hasn't actually yet appeared at AGTOR. Hmm.

I can explain this though, really, I swear...
Fixed. Explanation now available as per link. Go to.

(This could have been done in "Update" form of course, except I was having all sorts of trouble with editing.)
Is the replies in the comment section to that particular post from Will at General Theory of Rubbish supposed to be funny?

I can't work out if some of the posters are muppets because the comments are in poor taste, or just because it is painfully unfunny.

The jury is still out on that one.
Hmmm. There's only the two of us have commented Mel - me and Anonymous. So I don't know if you're knocking me for comparing child prostitutes with maids, or Anon for his/her remarks, or indeed both. Can you clarify? (Obviously I was trying to be ironic and/or sarcastic in my initial remarks).

I guess if pushed I would say his (?) remarks - apologies in advance if I misread the subtle political satire in his comments.

We didn't do satire at our school, we did woodwork.
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