Wednesday, July 14, 2004



In general I don't totally buy the line that being anti-abortion (i.e. "pro-life") and pro-death penalty are necessarily contradictory - you can want to kill the guilty and save the innocent. (Obviously the converse is true too - being pro-choice on abortion and anti-death penalty ain't necessarily contradictory.)

Nonetheless this is rather infelicitously expressed:

"I favor the death penalty...for abortionists and other people who take life."

Does that make him a self-hating Republican?

What's that Sean Hughes line? "I'm not prejudiced and I hate people who are".

* * * *

I recently sort-of half-defended the Orange Order in the comments section of Lenin's Tomb. Yesterday's Irish Times reminded me (were it necessary, which it wasn't really) that the Orange aren't the sorts one wants to get into the habit of defending:

"The Orange Order offers the best protection from 'Roman Catholic nations' which are attempting to submerge 'the Protestantism of the United Kingdom' into the European Union" - so said the Rev Richard Harvey from Sheffield at Coleraine.

Mildly amusing anyway.

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