Tuesday, July 06, 2004



Although I've been a daily (at least) reader of Normblog ever since I've known of it (which was pretty near its inception) I've only now participated in my first Normpoll.

If I reveal here my chosen ten I reckon Norm could well blow my anonymity - should he ever happen upon this humble neophyte of a blog, that is, and should he be so inclined, and indeed so bothered.

Thus it is in a spirit of reckless trust that I reveal my selection:

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
The Clash
Bruce Springsteen
Neil Young
Michael Jackson
Van Morrison
David Bowie

I had my doubts about Wacko and U2 but you know, you enter into these things in a certain spirit, and never having participated before I wanted to make sure to get that vote in on time.

So there you go Norm - I prostrate myself (or at least my anonymity) before you. Blackmail is still illegal, isn't it?

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