Monday, August 30, 2004



I find it unbelieveable how shoddily Bobby Robson has been treated by Newcastle United. Firstly it's impossible not to like Bobby, and secondly he's done a good job for 'em. I'm a massive fan of Alan Shearer - in fact I want his babies - but I hope he doesn't take the job if offered - too soon, I would think, for both him and the club, (which, by the way, seems an utter shambles run by an utter prick).

(On the other hand, I do like the fact that dropping Sheerah seems to be an automatic sacking offence).

Wonder what Geordie Blog makes of it all?

UPDATE: If I'm such a massive Shearer fan - which I am - how did I I only just find out he's retiring at the end of the season? Well?

At the moment I am filled with anger and despair. May post something on this, but for now i'll say I agree with you on the point about the utter fooking prick who is our chairman:( disgusted of you know where).
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