Thursday, August 19, 2004



Via the Virtual Whatsit, links to some very interesting blogs. If you don't know 'em go look 'em:

Charlotte Street - by MarkKaplan. Fairly high pitched (for bloggism) philosophy. Good Stuff.

Via that: the Young Hegelian . Similar type of stuff - also Good.

And also BertramOnline.

Finally the nicely named - well, Frenchly named anyway - A Gauche.

Stuff to say tomorrow, promise.

you pissed?
What gave you that impression? "BerteamOnline" and "philospophy"? (Fixing them now).

Funny enough I wasn't drunk at the time (just in a hurry), but I was very drunk within a couple of hours.

Student on the piss. Disgraceful. Think of the taxpayers!
The people need their opium after all, even students.
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