Monday, August 30, 2004


Public-Private Partnerships

Following the boy Thatcher's high-jinks in Africa, there's some teasing of the left-supporters of the Iraq war at Crooked Timber, and how they oughtn't object to privatised regime change.

Well, to return to a recent theme, these boys (and girls) were more in the game of regime preservation than regime change. But they do remind us that "privatised" foreign adventures aren't entirely new, and don't always have to be dishonourable.

(Incidentally, I believe Ireland may well have been the only country from which more volunteers fought for Franco than for the Republic. For shame.)

That's a wonderful example of internationalism and heroism, I agree. But how was it "privatised"?
Well, they were international non-governmental volunteers intervening in a civil war, so I'd characterise them as being as "private" as the private security firms (i.e. mercenaries) employed in Iraq by the US. No?
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