Sunday, September 12, 2004


Au revoir

Right, it's just possible that posting, which has in any event been generally slow, will become very infrequent, or indeed cease altogether.

Come now, contain your emotions, if I can you can too.

Why? That sucks.
yes. why? Expalnation is in order young man.
Come back! All is forgiven
Speak for yourself! Nothing is forgiven. But come back anyway.
What's the fucking deal, beeyatch? I was getting used to buttsurfing your blog like the fat, lazy, pie-munching slut that I am, and now you just vamoos without so much as a "that was great, sailor"? I demand a cunting well explanation! I fucking well demand it!

Failing that, I demand those wasted seconds back. Damn you, sire!
Yeah, gosh darn it, what Lenin said (suitably altered to fit the language of a mild-mannered Canukistani).

And to leave us with . . . with . . . with a French-titled post, why it just makes it all the more bitter.
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