Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Yes, Squire Hockey, the most interesting Irish politician of the last forty years or so, finally kicked it. As I commented over at Crooked Timber:

The best Haughey story in the obits is Ben Dunne’s evidence to the tribunal. Dunne, head of Dunnes’ Stores, Ireland’s Walmart if you like, was hanging around with Haughey and percieved that he was a bit down. Happening to have three cheques for £75,000 made out to fictitious names – for some other purpose – he decided to give them to CJH. Well, obviously these were a nice pick-me-up for Charlie, but his legendary response to Dunne distills something about the man:

“Thanks, big fella.”

Nice Phoenix magazine style obit:

In line with every other media outlet we may have given the impression that Charles Haughey was a degenerate old chancer whose naked ambition was matched only by his willingness to play 'hunt the trouser snake' with the ladies. We now realise he was, in fact, a golden-tressed chieftain who defeated the British, won the Tour de France and warned U2 not to record their Pop album. We may never see his like again. And all of us are the poorer for that. Except perhaps Ben Dunne.

Via Back Seat Drivers, who also note that the Moriarty Tribunal, which spent so long chasing Haughey's financial tail, can be expected to describe his death as "a good PR move" and part of a campaign of "asymetrical warfare".

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