Sunday, June 11, 2006


The Official Blogpost of the 2006 World Cup

Good to see the Yanks taking an interest. Especially since one of them is co-editor of The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup, which I thoroughly recommend to anyone whose life will, like mine, be centred on events in Germany* for the next month or so. (It has little enough to do with football as such, by the way - the book, I mean, not the World Cup, which does - and is a superb resource for info and insight into countries you know nothing about but have suddenly developed a football-inspired fascination with.)

Can't say I agree with him that the US will knock out the Eye-Talians in the group stage, but watch this space, as they say, or in fact your television.

*At the risk of going all Basil Fawlty here, the expression "events in Germany" makes me feel like a 1930s editorial writer. I should also say that I'm grimly tickled by the fact that Iran's first game is in Nuremburg.

Grimly tickled? I like that.
Thanks, so do I. I was going to write "tickled" but this seemed potentially frivolous since I am, after all, alluding to the Holocaust, and to Holocaust-denial. At the same time, tickled I am, albeit grimly.
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