Sunday, July 23, 2006


A new vocabulary

We need a new vocabulary to reflect the realities of modern warfare.


The Israeli army has given well-publicized notice to civilians to leave those areas of southern Lebanon that have been turned into war zones. Those who voluntarily remain behind have become complicit.

Another classic from Alan Dershowitz. At the risk of insulting your intelligence, I'd be interested to know what how he'd classify the citizens of, say, Tel Aviv or New York should they refuse to obey a "well-publicized notice" to leave from Al Qaida or Hizbullah or whoever.

It really does remind me of the claim that Israeli citizens are fair game since conscription rates are so high in Israel, their taxes support the occupation, etc. etc. Perhaps we should call them "schminocent" to reflect that? Or perhaps we should just take a step back and refuse to become moral monsters.
Actually I kind of like the "schminocent" option. I fonly Dersho had put it like that. In which spirit I think I'll leave that typo ("I'd be interested to know what how he'd classify..."), which I think gets across a certain exasperation.
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