Friday, July 14, 2006


Torturous Trend

Because the Irish Times insists on having at least one poisonous, right-wing, neo-imperialist, war crimes-apologist, North American syndicated columnist to balance the banal, moderate-liberal orthodoxy that generally prevails in its pages, and because Mark Steyn did the job a little too well, we now have the great pleasure of reading one Charles Krauthammer's weekly musings in Ireland's declining paper of record.

So it was that I noticed, in Monday's column, the tender care with which he too chooses his verbs:

The court tortures the reading of Common Article 3 [of the Geneva Convention]...

To "torture the reading" of something - that itself seems like rather a clumsy syntax. If not out and out torture, "aggressive interrogation" of the English language at least. But really, to choose that particular verb - you've got to admire the sheer balls of these guys.

Either admire, or apply electric shocks to, I suppose.

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