Sunday, February 11, 2007


Social socialism

I'm re-reading this (PDF) Erik Olin Wright paper, because it was very good indeed the first time I read it. Whence:

...capitalism imposes eliminable harms on many people; it limits individual autonomy; it is unjust; in crucial respects it is inefficient; and it constrains democracy. None of these criticisms implies, necessarily, that the only effective remedy is the wholesale destruction of capitalism and its replacement by a comprehensive alternative. It is possible that institutional devices could be constructed within capitalist societies to neutralize these problems to a significant degree. This has certainly been the traditional belief of social democrats. But whether the solution is ruptural anticapitalism or reformist anticapitalism, the effect of institutions which neutralize these negative effects of capitalism is to introduce counter-capitalist mechanisms into the operation of capitalist societies.

That's a good read. Thanks for the pointer.
Thanks for writing this.
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