Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Therborn on social theory

Just a note to recommend this impressive survey of contemporary left social theory by Goran Therborn in the NLR. (Sub required).

That is all. Oh and I've responded to a comment in the last post, which may or may not interest you, whoever you are.

Just discovered your blog via Norm Geras and Jeff Weintraub. Can you put one of those RSS boxes on the blog so my RSS Reader can automatically update when you have a new post?
I'll forgive that link to Lenin's Tomb. SWP is rubbish.
What is it with this magical and abundantly used word "dialectics"? The NLR has quite a lot of articles with "dialectics" and "dialectical" in title. They still got to get to terms with what it actually means, I guess. Surely a very important struggle since there is no working class anymore, only intellectuals... yawn.
Not a fan of SWPism myself I don't think, but you can find out stuff at Lenin's Tomb, though I've not read it much of late, and ultimately I share a certain distaste.

Not sure how to go about them RSS feeds...
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